Tamika Newhouse


Born Latoya James, when starting high school, Cookie believes this is her time to stand out from underneath her sister’s shadow. She was always declared the odd one but now she makes it her mission to be noticed by anyone who will pay attention.

Reality starts to settle in when she realizes that life isn’t always peaches and cream. After witnessing the rape of her best friend, and then the death of one of her classmates, Cookie starts to believe life isn’t what she thought it would be.

Tempted by sex, drugs, catering to her new demons, and hanging out with the older crowd become her escape and not even her high school sweetheart can steer Cookie straight. When she experiences an unwanted pregnancy and the death of her mother, Cookie is left to wonder if this is the way her life will always be.

Based on a true story, Cookie a Fort Worth Story is a gripping tale of a teen girl who had to grow up sooner than later. Taking place in one of the fastest-growing cities in Texas, Fort Worth, witness the life of Cookie and her quest to be loved, appreciated, and wanted. You will soon discover life is never what it seems but it doesn’t mean that it’s over if you make the wrong choices.


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