Welcome and thank you for your interest in our Artist Residency program. The Art House is a space to feature local artists and their amazing talent. The residency details are as follows:

4 Residencies a year

  • Q1: Jan - Mar
  • Q2: Apr - Jun
  • Q3: Jul - Sept
  • Q4: Oct - Dec

Artists can have 7-12 pieces + prints displayed for 90 days. All sales of artwork will be split 80/20 (Artist/Lit)

The Art House residency is not only an opportunity for your work to be seen by many through our frequent events, but it is also an opportunity for the artist to be visible by participating and meeting their potential collectors. During your 3 month residency, you will participate in:

  • Artist walkthrough with Talk/Q & A session
  • Artist Workshop or Live Painting session during another event
  • The Paint Lounge. An Artist-led paint session with attendees based on artist style or seasonal theme (Artist choice)
  • Lit Diaries Instagram takeover by Artist (1 Day)
  • One of our Creative Markets
  • Community Art Day
  • Art Auction (50/25/25 split; Artist/Charity/Lit)
  • Exit Interview

All events will be scheduled according to the Artists’ schedule and are a part of participating in the residency.
If you are interested in becoming an Artist in Residency, please click here to fill out the Artist Submission Form.


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