Alumni artists who were featured at Lit Diaries.

Evan Diaz


My name is Evan Diaz . I am a digital illustrator. I recently graduated with high honors from Lee University with a bachelors in Graphic Design. I like to go out in nature and listen to music of all genres! I am very competitive and strive to do my best in anything I do! I love to people watch, I learn more about people that way and it brings more perspective in my artwork as well.

This body of work is called Acceptance. I incorporated flowers in almost every piece to show the vulnerability and endurance of my life throughout my art. I’ve never been a person that talks about my feelings with others, but flowers have always been something that brings me a sense of security to be vulnerable and express myself freely.

Lymaira Agosto


Lymaira Agosto is a self-taught artist from Southeast Georgia that began painting in 2018. However, she was always an artist since a child doing other creativities, such as pastel colors, sketching, and colored pencils. Little did she know this God-given gift years later would become her very passion that turned into an art business. As she got into her adult years and spiritual journey, she began questioning, “Who is Lymaira”? Throughout her journey, her art, in several ways, has helped in self-discovery and cultivating the woman she is today.

Lay’na Anderson
Lay’Na Anderson


Lay’Na Anderson’s body of work encompasses the power of undefined lines and negative space, exploring the thought of color and texture whilst playing with the idea of bold and blended. An avid daydreamer, Lay’Na’s technique of layering and removing color while creating texture, tells a story that draws the viewer in. The final result is a visual record of blended combinations and contrast in depth, with an ethereal, dreamy feel throughout. “Growing up I was always in one art class or another. The lessons I learned allowed me to create a 15 year career as a Makeup Artist for film and television. I have canvas painted on and off for years and it was recently dropped in my spirit to continue my art journey. As a Makeup Artist I use my talent daily to tell the stories of others and now through my art I am telling the stories that resonate within me."